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Fixture upgrades

New fixtures in the bathroom can really spruce things up and not to mention improve the value of the home. That’s because with modern upgrades, your bathroom is safer and more efficient. We’d all love to be our own plumbers, but for honest and trustworthy services, call Protocol Plumbing for fixtures, faucet & sink installations. These plumbing components alone will bring your bathroom back to life and make an inexpensive remodel look like a million dollars- not to mention increase the value of your home.


An older home can be very charming and cozy. But an older home often have antiquated or degraded plumbing fixtures. Over time, these systems age and break. Even the pipes become corroded with rust.


Modern plumbing, on the other hand, can last a lifetime and make your bathroom more efficient. Modern plumbing fixtures also help to increase the value of a property. Before you start upgrading, call Protocol Plumbing for details on our stock.

  • Modernize your home

  • Inexpensive way to boost the value of a home

  • Faucet and sink installations

  • New options to save water

  • Variety of styles and finishes

  • Insured, bonded, and licensed team

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Whether you're looking to make some updates, or you have a plumbing emergency, you can count on Protocol Plumbing & Sewer for accurate and efficient services.


When your plumbing issue can't wait, call our team for 24-hour service. Browse our site to learn more about your options in general plumbing, and call us today!

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