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Garbage disposal care

It’s easy to ignore a broken garbage disposal? While it may be inconvenient to live with a damaged appliance, many people simply go about their days letting the disposal remain untouched because they’d rather spend their money on something a little more exciting.


At Protocol Plumbing, we understand the temptation to just live without your disposal, but did you know that ignoring this broken appliance could actually cost you more money? Defective garbage disposals not only cause oxidized pipes, nasty clogs, and water damage, but they can also be major health hazards. Call us today to find out if you may need to replace or repair your garbage disposal!


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Ignoring a non-working garbage disposal can actually cost you more money in the long run:


• May oxidize pipes

• Can cause nasty clogs

• Potential for major health hazard

• Unwanted odors will develop

Why you shouldn't ignore the issue:

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